The heart of the wind, finds the time to be the devotion that never lies (pure heart), but holds your head up, to gain some time, to be a portal for all to chime. Come and be the part of me, where my heart longs to be in the sea, where vision hurls (shooting star), to be with the blind (to walk in faith), the journey of love every time!

Heart of a Lamb, Shining Dove Who Leaks a Tear Welcomes You Home!

Painting-Animals-Wolf and Lamb

Wanting and sailing through the breeze, we catch all the dynasties and she will know the truth in thee, because she longs to feel the breeze. Now truth has a way of catching cold, but her heart warms all that do glow, and she will be the majesty, of true love that knows life in thee.

Call her the dust in the wind, who falls down from stars to glow and churn, because it's love that makes real life, the perfect gratifying strife.

Wolf and Lamb This touching image by Artist Donna Hughes-Saurina was inspired by a verse from the book of Isaiah, "The wolf will live with the lamb...". It describes a future when all peoples will be called together to God, all differences unimportant.

The will of one, who's heart so pure, lets out a shout, "Hooray, we're here!" Come and feel my heart today, to open the door to my cave. Inside the light is rare, but dim to cast a shadow, to feel the whim, but in the deepest recesses, there lies a treasure so deer. Come one and all, come be the fall, that's the place, where Rainbow's call, and whence the falling stars delight, comes home to brotherhood in delight.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shining Dove Who Leaks the Tear Wanders Without Fear

Which way do I wander?  Which way do I go?  Which way does my heart flow, when all others they don't know?

Which way does the wandering, come to me inside?  I say, that G_ah_d (utterance of heaven's transmission) knows why, for all my heart collides.  Oh which way does the heart flow, when all the world are doves.   And which way does the Sun shine, when the Moon tears in the night?

My heart longs for wilderness I come to show the way.  I know the Greatness is born in you, just hold on and stay for us to pray. Oh which way does my heart go, when others fall away?  I say G_ah_d is here, to show us in fear, that all will come our way!

I long for better days. I come to hold your hands.  I say my love will always be, the heart of a sacred Dove (the soul, who can land on the heart with love).  Oh which way does my pondering come into the land of law.  The place I hold, the place so bold, where light dreams of far away.   I know you are the heart that speaks, the place of eternity. And you are the place I hold, in my heart of the land of free.

Oh which way does the sails fly by?  Oh which way do I go?  I know the land of eternity will bring me home to the distant shore.  Oh which way will my Brothers (flesh world of Earth, the light) go, to find  a world of love.  I know they need the world to grow, to find the sails from above.

There is a growing hand, that seeks and finds a place.  The Heavens where the stars do shine, the place I keep in grace.  Oh which ways does my heart go, when you are there with me?  Oh I know the willing, will return to me, to destiny.

I am, the heart that shines, always and eternity.  I will not falter my way, to hold the hand so near.   And I know the Lords will hold us true, if we seek the way of God, the perfect oneness, that holds our hands to gather up the Earth.

Where do the Rainbows fall, when the Sun goes down to shine. I know, the Moon does glow to make us follow our minds.  And when the stars shine at night, my distant love will appear.  There is the wonder of misty lives, the whole of G_ah_d is near.   And I say, which way does my heart flow, when you are so far away?  I know the love of G_ah_d will appear, when I find my beloved way.  And I say, that you are here with me, the place of eternity.  And I will always carry you through, because it's your distant grace.

peacefulOh which way does the light shine low (red road, the law of love), over the rolling hills?   I know the land will fill us up, to over flow and hear.  The many songs of liberty, will make us shine and know. Oh which ways does the Sun do(present) shine, when love overflows?

How can I go without you?  I know no other way!   I am here to show the world, the place of distant shores.  And I know that law of love that grows inside my heart so pure is the land of longing of your devoted heart to share all that grows.   Oh which way does my heart go, when all does shine and know?   The place of devotion in everyone, who is blessed and grows.  Oh which way does your heart go, when you are down on your knees? (silence, reflection, prayer)  I say that love is always near, if you pray to Rainbow (Clan of Oneness, we call G_ah_d) please.  Oh which way does the heart grow when you are not near me?   I know your love longs to be free, when the light comes home to me.  Oh which way do we ponder?  Oh which way do we grow?  I say, it's the song that fills our hearts to over flow and know.

Oh which way will you sail tonight? Oh which way, do you go?  I know the Lords of eternal rest, will hold your sails and flow.  The songs will carry us through the night, the bellows so pure.  And I will be there in your fright, and I will bless the shores.  Oh which way, does the heart flow?  Oh which do I go?   I say, that love will carry us through, to know the sound of glow.  Oh which way, oh which way, oh which way do I go?   I long for happiness, the sound of the distant shore....Oh which way, does the waves hit you, inside your heart so doir (freedom).  Oh which way, do we fly at night, to find the heart so pure?   I know you will find the distant shore, when you come home for gold (brotherhood).

See full size imageHoliness David drums and White Buffalo Calf Woman sings for you...the glowing heart of you, the Shining Dove Who Leaks the Tear, the House of Levi, who protects the treasures of doir (freedom flight over rolling hills and back again)!  She offers the heart of the devotion, the place we return to on distant shores!

Warriors of the Earth  

See full size imageSacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!


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Heartofalamb said...
Beautiful song that I love to resonate and energize my soul. Like an ancient unguent, that when found eases the burdens of the wandering soul through it's journal on this material plane. Thank you for this truly inspiring song

Inspired by Shining Dove, your Heart of a Lamb and sang by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother.

The will of G_ah_d is beyond the calling. Into a new land and over the Horizon where beauty stands. Paradise is waiting when we follow the Rainbow, down in the valley to Brotherhood. Can you hear Heaven calling Golden Rolling Hills (waves of time)? Do you sea (vision of the heart) flowers everywhere it fills? Come hold my hand and we'll "Pray Together". Join me and we will slide into our Souls. Here we offer blessings to bring home the shadows, a place where they can be pure! Perfection of Heaven is waiting for you. Pouring and Reigning, a plan that is good. Running Free in the House of the Beloved (perfect image of "I am"), cradled in the hands of eternity. Welcome home into the land of the Rainbow, the place our hearts are paved with Gold.

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